Hosting with AWS Amplify Console

This blog is a static website built with hugo. In the past I’ve hosted static sites by configuring a CI/CD workflow that builds and deploys to S3/CloudFront, but last year Amazon released AWS Amplify Console which I wanted to try out.

Amplify Console allows you to link a repository on GitHub or Bitbucket and automatically sets up a behind-the-scenes CI/CD pipeline to build and deploy your website and deliver it with CloudFront. So far it’s been pretty stable with the exception of not always allowing you to use a subdomain as the main domain for your site (i.e. if you want your site to be instead of just

Amplify Console comes with several useful features you might want for simple web hosting including:

  • Connecting multiple custom domains
  • Customizable redirects
  • Ability to host multiple subdomains with different branches on your repo
  • Protect dev/test sites with HTTP basic auth

Overall it’s a pretty cool option for hosting a simple static website or single page application and works as advertised so you can focus on building your site instead of fine tuning boilerplate CI config.